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About Company

Bidhaa Express

Bidhaa express was formed for the first time in 5th day of October 2013 and registered on the 15th day of august 2022. Bidhaa Express is committed in various areas of business like accounting, book-keeping and auditing activities, consultancy, printing, business advertisement, photocopying and and document preparation.

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+255 713 756 075 or info@bidhaaexpress.com

Our mission

To continue being a serious and a hardworking company so as to utilize time in serving customer needs and give them the best service they can afford

Our vision

To be the most efficient and professional business in a near future with a lot of partners with a good relationship

Our objectives​

To have satisfied clients who trust us with their work
To ensure the clients are satisfied with the services
To be punctual and professionals
To be conveniently in reaching our customers
To be organized and systematic in service provision
To keep on complying with all required regulatory authorities

Why choosing us

Accredited Company
100% Guarantee
Quality Material